Aluminium foil containers


Product Description

Ideal for food packaging, with lots of options, environmentally friendly, can be recycled and reused, hygienic, available in the following shapes and sizes:

Tiny pie – 25ml sweet or savoury cocktail – packed in 10’s

Pie – 100ml pastry pie – packed in 10’s

Large Pie – 200ml hearty pie – packed in 10’s

Rectangular pie – 75ml – packed in 10’s

Tart dish – 685 large shallow tart plate – packed in 5’s

Roasting Pans – 3,440ml, 325mm x 263mm – ideal for catering large lasagne – packed in 2’s

Jumbo Roasting Pan – 9,000ml, 530mm x 335mm – ideal for braais and serving large amount of people – packed per 1

Square Roasting Pan and lids – 2,365ml, 248mm x 248mm – ideal for roast meat or chicken or baking – packed per 5’s

Mini Freezer and lids – 465mls, 147mm x 122mm – one portion container -  packed in 5’s

Medium Freezer and lids – 890ml, 210mm x 158mm – family size casserole or lasagne – packed in 5’s

Large Freezer with lids – 1,345ml, 250mm x 160mm – multi portion container for pastas or baked puddings – packed in 5’s

Xlarge Freezer with lids – 2,000ml, 254mm x 196mm – multi portion container for shepherds pie, moussaka, or small roasting pan – packed in 5’s

Handy Freezer with lids – 700ml, 190mm x 135mm – double portion container – packed in 5’2

Xlarge square with lid – 5,800ml, 355mm x 329mm – packed in 1’s

Medium Roaster and lids – 2,500ml, 296mm x 235mm – packed in 2’s